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Student Athletes

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Student athletes

Student athletes are some of the hardest working people around.  They juggle schedules to accommodate not only academic responsibilities, but individual and team training.  That is why we believe that recovery is essential for performance and the reinforcement of healthy lifestyle choices.  Group and team recovery sessions can be scheduled to improve circulation.

Professional Athletes

Professional athletes are some of the most recognizable people on the planet.  They shock and wow us with the nearly impossible physical exploits, on the field, court or even the track.  What we don’t see are the countless hours spent training, practicing and even traveling.  The wear and tear on the human body is inevitable, but the wise ones know that maintenance and recovery are keys to performance and longevity in the sport.  We provide concierge-style recovery services which can include local mobile services, travel to camps, combines, and competitions. 


Event Management

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Event Management

Every week, there are thousands of sports related events and activities that are hosted across the USA.  Sportz Factory has nearly two decades of successful organization and management of sports events, such as workshops, seminars, banquets/mixers, camps, tournaments, NCAA Championships, AAU Championships and a variety of youth and adult sports competitions.  These services include site visits, emergency action planning, partner and customer relations, event staffing, including sports medicine coverage.  Events are not limited by location and can be coordinated by our team to help you serve your clients with confidence.   

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