Recovery Services

Recovery Massage & Stretching

Our Recovery Massage & Stretching service is designed to help individuals recover from muscle aches and pains. This service includes kneading and manipulating muscles to relieve musculoskeletal pain and disability. Following treatment, it is typical for some patients to experience localized tenderness, stiffness, numbness, weakness, and headaches. However, these side effects are usually temporary and should be reported if they last more than 2-3 days following a given treatment.

Compression Recovery

Our Compression Recovery service is indicated for temporarily relieving minor muscle aches and pains. It is used to increase circulation in people in good health. This service utilizes compression therapy to help reduce muscle soreness and speed up recovery.

Recovery Cupping & Stretching

Our Recovery Cupping & Stretching service utilizes negative pressure to stretch superficial structures in the human body, including the skin, fascia, and muscle tissue. This technique aims to increase microcirculation of the soft tissue structures to enhance the healing process in the human body. Cupping may cause bruising and temporary marks on the skin, but more severe complications could result in skin blistering. This service also includes stretching to further aid in muscle recovery.

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