RecoveryAir Prime

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Experience rapid leg recovery with the clinically-proven pneumatic compression system that’s designed to reduce soreness, improve circulation, and boost performance.

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Introducing the RecoveryAir Prime Boot, a pneumatic compression system that provides a safe and effective clinical-grade pressure massage. With customizable time and pressure settings, anyone can sit back and relax while their legs recharge. Our FastFlush Technology allows for rapid recovery, up to 2-3 times faster than our competitors.

The RecoveryAir Prime Boot is a pneumatic compression system that provides a clinically-proven pressure massage to recharge your legs. It boasts TruGrade Technology, which enables the safe and precise application of pressure, and FastFlush Technology, which allows for full inflation and deflation in 60 seconds. The boot offers four time intervals and an adjustable pressure range of 20-100 mmHg in increments of 10. It can reduce muscle soreness and fatigue, boost circulation and lymphatic drainage, and decrease swelling and stiffness. Additionally, it comes with Bluetooth connectivity to the Therabody app, where you can access two preset routines, save one shared routine, and save unlimited personalized routines. It has a 180-minute battery life, an easy-to-clean, hygienic design, and more features coming soon via Bluetooth connectivity to the app.


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