Theragun PRO | 4th Generation

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Enhance muscle recovery, release stress and tension, and soothe discomfort with the powerfully quiet, professional-grade Theragun PRO 4th Generation.

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The Theragun PRO 4th Generation is a professional-grade, smart percussive therapy device that enhances muscle recovery, relieves stress and tension, and soothes discomfort with a powerful yet quiet performance.

Key features:

  • Smart Percussive Therapy with 4th Generation proprietary technology that sends 60% deeper into muscle
  • Professional-grade durability with an industry-leading 2-year warranty
  • 6 Attachments designed for specific areas and targeted treatment
  • Wireless convenience with a 150-minute battery life
  • OLED screen with force meter
  • Bluetooth enabled to personalize your treatment
  • Ergonomic multi-grip handle for comfortable use
  • Available in black or red

What’s included: Theragun PRO® device, 6 Attachments, USB-C cable and power adapter, 1 Lithium-ion battery, Soft case, Attachment pouch.


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